Images, Wall displays and Presentations
Malawi Photogallery - Images taken by students, teachers and visitors on all aspects of life in Malawi

Going Green.ppt - statistics on green issues
conflict.ppt - statistics on conflict
Peace.ppt - Quotes about peace
View from Space.ppt Quotes from astronauts after viewing the Earth from Space
Wisdom- Quotes from Andrew Zuckerman's book of global elders' wisdom | website
Holocaust - thought provocing presentation with child appropriate images with a music file

Click on stream to view an online version of the file. RIGHT CLICK MP4 and select SAVE TARGET AS to download the file onto your computer

Global Wombat - How to live in one global community stream| MP4| wombat| wombat linked
Water for Life - Why water is such a vital part of our survival and how to make best use of it stream| MP4 | website
Global Mindshift - It seems like there are many problems in the world, but relax, there's only really one. It's how we think. stream| MP4
Did you know - An update of Karl Fisch's Shift Happens presentation on the current evolution of our planet and technology stream| MP4| website
Earth 2030 - energy usage trends and actions for positive change stream| MP4
Home - we have 10 years to change the way we live, avert the depletion of natural resources and the catastrophic evolution of the Earth's climate. stream| MP4| website| Full Film stream
Climate Change - UK Advert campaign to reduce global warming stream| MP4
Fight Global Warming - USA Advert campaign to reduce global warming stream| MP4| website
Earth Hour - Global challenge to switch off your lights on 28th March stream| MP4| Website
Is Humanity Growing Up? - What is our collective level of maturity? Toddler? Teenager? Adult? Elder? Find out what most people on the planet think is the answer. stream| MP4|
Crash or Bounce? - powerful video on the choice before us: to pull apart in conflict, or to pull together in cooperation. stream| MP4
Peace One Day - What will you do to make peace on 21st September? stream| MP4 | website
Who Am I? - Students learn about who they are and share their emotions stream| wmv | website| tree diagram

Global Village - If we shrank the earth’s population to a village of precisely 100 people, what would it be like?
R U Global? – Answer the quiz to find out if you are a global citizen. What are the most important global issues and why?
The Banana Game – To introduce the banana chain. What happens to a banana before it meets the consumer and how the profits are divided
Rich/Poor - How do these statements about poverty make you feel? What do they make you think? What do they make you want to ask?
KS3 ICT - Many of our online units have a global theme
Peace - A collection of resources and links on the theme of peace
Water- A collection of resources and links on the theme of water. intro to modelling | slides: zoo | uk water | Malawi water
Human Rights - A collection of resources and links on the theme of Human Rights
Green IssuesA collection of resources and links on the theme of Green Issues

Key Dates
International Day of Peace - 21/9 - UN Website
Black History Month - October - Global Dimension Website
Holocaust Memorial Day - 27/1 - Global Dimension Website
World Book Day - 1st week in March - Global Dimension Website
Fair Trade Fortnight - March - Fair Trade Website
World Water Day - 22nd March - Global Dimension Website
Earth Hour - 28th March - Earth Hour Website
Earth Day - 22nd April - Earth Day Website
London Olympics - Education Website
Global Calendars Global Gateway events calendar | Global Dimension Calendar

Global Themes
Human Rights
Everyday Life
Fair Trade
Natural Disasters
Olympic Ideals
International Organisations

School Linking
Global Gateway - Etwinning portal - Find a Partner| Funding| Develop a Project| CPD
British Council International School Award - A framework for global education in your school
Flashmeeting - A free, safe video conferencing tool for schools. example session - an online collaborative platform enabling teachers to work quickly and effectively with an international partner - sharing ideas and managing projects. Example project France | Example project Japan
etwinning - eTwinning users can access a free online workspace dedicated to registered schools in Europe.
Rafi.Ki- is a not-for-profit online community designed just for schools, currently secondary and middle schools.

CIA World Fact Book - the must up to date online resource on national statistics
BBC World news - Up to date world news. Type the name of a country and the keyword factfile to find specific info on any country
BBC Weather - type the name of any city in the world and get the weather
BBC Newsround - Global issues portrayed in a way that younger audiences can understand. Also has an excellent teacherssection
Malawi- A collection of resources made by Notre Dame High School as part of their linking project
Gapminder- A animated graphic representation of national statistics such as life expectancy and GDP

Other Resources
NEAD - Norfolk Education for Action and Development
Global Dimension - Links to the best global education resources
Oxfam Cool Planet - Excellent online resources based Oxfam’s work
UN Cyberschool bus - Great for UN MDGs and in lots of languages
Peace One Day – How to mark the International Day of Peace 21/9
Climate Challenge - Pratical ways to reduce global warming
BBC Newsround - Best site for internation current affairs in child speak - Site for teachers to share resources and students' work

Additional Reading, Research and Policy Resources
Global Dimension in the National Curriculum - Advice on this cross curriculum dimension
The Global Dimension in Action, QCA - A curriculum planning guide for schools
Education for Global Citizenship: A Guide for Schools, Oxfam
British Council International School Award - A framework for global education in your school

TV, Radio and Podcast
BBC World service Podcasts
TED- The world's most inspirational thinkers share their ideas

Conference and Training Resources
Images: zoo | uk water | Malawi water | wombat| wombat linked| mytree
R U Global - A presentation on how to enhance the curiculum with a global dimension.
Global Handout - A word document of key info for conference presentations