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Scratch lesson plans -
pong - script for a pong game
Woodbridge School Scratch Gallery - Examples of students' work that can be view and adapted.

Creating a secure package for Scratch
The instructions for locking down the drives is at; /viewtopic.php?pid=12646Scratch is unusual in that it does not 'install' as such and can be run directly from a networked drive. To further enhance security, this is what we did. We put the files onto a networked drive and allowed executable files in that directory to run. The 'package' that was then distributed to the class computers simply consisted of a link in the start menu that pointed to the program in the network drive.
By default, all drives are visible. To make only selected drives be visible, edit the file "Scratch.ini" in the Scratch folder to add a line like this:
VisibleDrives = C:, D:, M:
Capitalization does not matter, but lettered drive names must end in a colon, and the drive names must be separated by commas.
(Note: the drives containing the Scratch folder and the user's home folder are always accessible via shortcuts even if you try to hide them using this mechanism. Thus, it's best to put the Scratch folder on a drive that you want to be visible.)
We mapped a network drive and set the persmissions so students could not save files there, read and execute only. Then added a hash rule to allow the exe file to run. Deployed a shortcut normal way.
The only other detail is that i used the older version 1.2 beta. And used their guide to add the VisableDrives. With version 1.2.1 i found you could still get to the C drive.

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