Keywords: DreamWeaver Hints

Define a site
  • Open DreamWeaver
  • Select 'Dreamweaver Site' under 'Create New' column heading
  • Editing files page - name your site, click next
  • Editing files, part 2 - Select 'No, I do not want to use a server technology', click next
  • Editing files, part 3 - Ensure 'Edit local copies on my machine' is selected. Click on yellow folder, select location for website, click select, click next
  • Sharing files - Select 'None' to answer the question 'How do you connect to your remote server?', click next
  • Summary - Check information is correct, click 'Done'
  • New site will appear in right hand file panel

Creating a structure (folders and files)
  • Make sure file panel from panel groups is visable (right pane)
  • Your new site folder will be visable, if not find site folder
  • Right click on site folder (green), select new folder, rename 'images.htm'
  • Right click site folder, select new file, rename 'index'
  • Repeat steps for creating a new file for every webpage you require
  • If you insert a file/folder incorrectly, right click, select edit, delete.