Open a new powerpoint presentation and save it in your ICT folder in a new folder called olympics. Give it the file name, Olympic ideas.Use around 5 slides as a kind of scrap book of facts, images and links to websites.
Here are some possible themes:
The meaning of the Olympic flag
The history of the Olympics
The Beijing Olympics
The London Olympics
Olympic sports facts
There are some interesting search results on the BBC newsround website for olympics at
At the end of the lesson, go around the room and say 1 thing that you have found out that you didn't know already about the olympics

We are what we doGlobal Villagehttp://www.miniature-earth.com/ : 9JMC

Global Footprints: 9JMC

Here is the news! : 7CAL, 9TPA, 9KSK, 10aCe4, 9jmc, 9mmu, 8KBA, 8MSH

World Book Day http://www.ndhs.org.uk/article.asp?reference=72570208070208

Water: 7CAL 9DBA
Task 1: Try the following activities:

Task 2: Now watch the following powerpoint presentation. Click on the link and then click on open (don't save the file).

Task 3: Open powerpoint and save the file in your ICT folder as water.
Create a presentation like the one that you have seen. Use the following to help you:
Key statistics from the games you played (you can play them again to pick up the statistics)
Information from the demo presentation
Information from websites by putting key words into a search engine
Images by doing a google image search.

Classroom of the Future:
The purpose of this task is to design a pda to be used by students. PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant. It is like a calculator, but you can also use it to read your emails and files, surf the web, watch or listen to digital media.

Task 1: Take a piece of paper and fold it like a book
Number the pages 1 - 4
Write the following titles on each page
1. Ideas for design
2. Finished design
3. Ideas for advertising campaign
4. Advertising campaign

Task 2: Creating a design
On page one write down ideas of what the pda could do and how it could be used in school. Give your product a name. Draw a draft design.
Get some feedback from another student about your design.
On page 2 draw a detailed design of what it will look like and label the diagram to explain its features.

Task 3: Creating an Advert
On page 3 write down some ideas of what could be included in a magazine advert for the pda. Think about who the advert is for and what the purpose of the advert is. Give your advert a strapline (a slogan)
Get some feedback from another student about your advert.
On page 4 draw your advert.