How to Assess KS3 ICT

Notre Dame Resources
KS3 Units Assessment An assessment grid for each unit with child speak level descriptors and some examples of student work.

Ks3 ICT Assessment Tasks role out

Other Resources
Yacapaca - create your own onscreen tests, or adapt other teachers' questions.
LGfL ICT Assessment resources
Annotate in Word - a flash demo on how to use the comment tool in Word to add anotations to students' work.

Assessment for Learning (A4L)
A4L in ICT - a series of blog posts on effective uses of assessment for learning

When teachers are asked how they assess their students, they typically talk about tests, examinations, quizzes and other formal methods.
When they are asked how they know whether their students have learned what they have taught, the answers are very different. They talk about homework, classwork, the things students say in classroom discussions and even the expressions on their faces.
Ref: ETS Europe Breakfast Seminar: Professor Dylan Wiliam's Speech "Does Assessment Hinder Learning?" - 17/10/2006
For the 60% of studies that found a positive impact on performance, Kluger & DeNisi (1996) found that the biggest impacts occurred when feedback told not just what to do to improve, but also how to go about it.
Kluger, A. N., & DeNisi, A. (1996). The effects of feedback interventions on performance: a historical review, a meta-analysis, and a preliminary feedback intervention theory. Psychological Bulletin, 119(2), 254-284.